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Understanding the process of buying property in Italy through an italian real estate agency.

Understanding the process of buying property in Italy through an italian real estate agency. Read more.

Country house with fantastic lake and mountain view. Abruzzo.

Country house for sale, with stunning panoramic view of the Majella mountain and the Sant’Angelo lake in Casoli, Italy.

Country house of 150 sqm surrounded by 2.500 sqm of land with storage building. 105.000 €. View Property.

Traditional Italian stone house with garden in Molise.

Character property with vaulted ceilings, exposed bricks and antique furniture for sale in Italy.

Character property of 167 sqm, with vaulted ceilings, exposed bricks and antique furniture. 115.000 €. View Property.

Restored traditional town house close to the Trabocchi coast.

Character palazzo with vaulted ceilings and exposed bricks for sale in Italy, near the beach.

Traditional townhouse of about 300 sqm with gorgeous exposed bricks and vaulted ceilings. 320.000 €. View Property.

Seismic classification for the municipalites in the provinces of Chieti and Campobasso

The entire Italian territory except for Sardinia has a medium-high seismic hazard. Abruzzo is a large region composed of four provinces, the seismic risk differs on each area. The seismic risk is higher in the area of L’Aquila province. The properties we offer are situated in the province of Chieti, in the southern part of Abruzzo, near the Adriatic coast, more than 160 km away from L'Aquila, where the 2009 earthquake took place. In the Chieti province the seismic risk is low. Most of our houses are situated in areas with seismic risk 3 (4 is the lowest risk, 1 is the largest). Seismic risk is lower in proximity to the Adriatic coast. The province of Chieti has never been epicenter of strong heart quakes.

Seismic hazard map of the territory. Peak ground acceleration.

List of towns in the provinces of Chieti (Abruzzo) and Campobasso (Molise) and the level of seismic risk for each town.

In order to reduce the effects of an earthquake, the Italian State has concentrated its action on territorial classification, based on past earthquakes' intensity and frequency, and on the application of special regulations of buildings in areas classified as seismic. In order to reduce the effects of an earthquake, the State has concentrated its action on territorial classification, based on past earthquakes' intensity and frequency, and on the application of special regulations of buildings in areas classified as seismic.

The State delegated the adoption of the seismic classification of the territory (Legislative Decree No. 112 of 1998 and Decree of the President of the Republic No. 380 of 2001 - "Single Text of the Standards for Construction") to the Italian regions, and compiled the list of municipalities with its attribution to one of the four declining hazardous areas in which the national territory was reclassified. (Source: Department of Civil Protection).

Seismic riskDescription
1 It's the most dangerous area. Severe earthquakes can occur
2 There may be severe earthquakes in this area, but they are rare
3 Zone with low seismic hazard, which may be subject to modest shaking
4 It's the least dangerous area. Earthquakes are very rare
Seismic risk by town
RegionProvinceTownSeismic risk
Abruzzo CH Altino 1
Abruzzo CH Borrello 1
Abruzzo CH Casacanditella 1
Abruzzo CH Casoli 1
Abruzzo CH Civitella Messer Raimondo 1
Abruzzo CH Fara San Martino 1
Abruzzo CH Gamberale 1
Abruzzo CH Gessopalena 1
Abruzzo CH Guardiagrele 1
Abruzzo CH Lama dei Peligni 1
Abruzzo CH Lettopalena 1
Abruzzo CH Palena 1
Abruzzo CH Palombaro 1
Abruzzo CH Pennadomo 1
Abruzzo CH Pennapiedimonte 1
Abruzzo CH Pizzoferrato 1
Abruzzo CH Rapino 1
Abruzzo CH Roccamontepiano 1
Abruzzo CH Roccascalegna 1
Abruzzo CH San Martino sulla Marrucina 1
Abruzzo CH Taranta Peligna 1
Abruzzo CH Torricella Peligna 1
Abruzzo CH Archi 2
Abruzzo CH Ari 2
Abruzzo CH Arielli 2
Abruzzo CH Bomba 2
Abruzzo CH Bucchianico 2
Abruzzo CH Canosa Sannita 2
Abruzzo CH Carunchio 2
Abruzzo CH Casalincontrada 2
Abruzzo CH Castel Frentano 2
Abruzzo CH Castelguidone 2
Abruzzo CH Castiglione Messer Marino 2
Abruzzo CH Celenza sul Trigno 2
Abruzzo CH Chieti 2
Abruzzo CH Civitaluparella 2
Abruzzo CH Colledimacine 2
Abruzzo CH Colledimezzo 2
Abruzzo CH Crecchio 2
Abruzzo CH Fallo 2
Abruzzo CH Fara Filiorum Petri 2
Abruzzo CH Filetto 2
Abruzzo CH Fraine 2
Abruzzo CH Giuliano Teatino 2
Abruzzo CH Guilmi 2
Abruzzo CH Liscia 2
Abruzzo CH Montazzoli 2
Abruzzo CH Montebello sul Sangro 2
Abruzzo CH Monteferrante 2
Abruzzo CH Montelapiano 2
Abruzzo CH Montenerodomo 2
Abruzzo CH Orsogna 2
Abruzzo CH Palmoli 2
Abruzzo CH Perano 2
Abruzzo CH Pietraferrazzana 2
Abruzzo CH Poggiofiorito 2
Abruzzo CH Pretoro 2
Abruzzo CH Quadri 2
Abruzzo CH Roccaspinalveti 2
Abruzzo CH Roio del Sangro 2
Abruzzo CH Rosello 2
Abruzzo CH San Buono 2
Abruzzo CH San Giovanni Lipioni 2
Abruzzo CH Sant'Eusanio del Sangro 2
Abruzzo CH Schiavi di Abruzzo 2
Abruzzo CH Tornareccio 2
Abruzzo CH Torrebruna 2
Abruzzo CH Vacri 2
Abruzzo CH Villa Santa Maria 2
Abruzzo CH Villamagna 2
Abruzzo CH Atessa 3
Abruzzo CH Carpineto Sinello 3
Abruzzo CH Casalanguida 3
Abruzzo CH Casalbordino 3
Abruzzo CH Cupello 3
Abruzzo CH Dogliola 3
Abruzzo CH Fossacesia 3
Abruzzo CH Francavilla al Mare 3
Abruzzo CH Fresagrandinaria 3
Abruzzo CH Frisa 3
Abruzzo CH Furci 3
Abruzzo CH Gissi 3
Abruzzo CH Lanciano 3
Abruzzo CH Lentella 3
Abruzzo CH Miglianico 3
Abruzzo CH Monteodorisio 3
Abruzzo CH Mozzagrogna 3
Abruzzo CH Ortona 3
Abruzzo CH Paglieta 3
Abruzzo CH Pollutri 3
Abruzzo CH Ripa Teatina 3
Abruzzo CH Rocca San Giovanni 3
Abruzzo CH San Giovanni Teatino 3
Abruzzo CH San Salvo 3
Abruzzo CH San Vito CHno 3
Abruzzo CH Santa Maria Imbaro 3
Abruzzo CH Scerni 3
Abruzzo CH Tollo 3
Abruzzo CH Torino di Sangro 3
Abruzzo CH Torrevecchia Teatina 3
Abruzzo CH Treglio 3
Abruzzo CH Tufillo 3
Abruzzo CH Vasto 3
Abruzzo CH Villalfonsina 3
Molise CB Baranello 1
Molise CB Bojano 1
Molise CB Campochiaro 1
Molise CB Castellino del Biferno 1
Molise CB Cercemaggiore 1
Molise CB Cercepiccola 1
Molise CB Colle d'Anchise 1
Molise CB Guardiaregia 1
Molise CB San Giuliano del Sannio 1
Molise CB San Massimo 1
Molise CB San Polo Matese 1
Molise CB Sepino 1
Molise CB Spinete 1
Molise CB Vinchiaturo 1
Molise CB Bonefro 2
Molise CB Busso 2
Molise CB Campobasso 2
Molise CB Campodipietra 2
Molise CB Campolieto 2
Molise CB Casacalenda 2
Molise CB Casalciprano 2
Molise CB Castelbottaccio 2
Molise CB Castelmauro 2
Molise CB Castropignano 2
Molise CB Civitacampomarano 2
Molise CB Colletorto 2
Molise CB Duronia 2
Molise CB Ferrazzano 2
Molise CB Fossalto 2
Molise CB Gambatesa 2
Molise CB Gildone 2
Molise CB Guardialfiera 2
Molise CB Jelsi 2
Molise CB Larino 2
Molise CB Limosano 2
Molise CB Lucito 2
Molise CB Lupara 2
Molise CB Macchia Valfortore 2
Molise CB Matrice 2
Molise CB Mirabello Sannitico 2
Molise CB Molise 2
Molise CB Monacilioni 2
Molise CB Montagano 2
Molise CB Montelongo 2
Molise CB Montorio nei Frentani 2
Molise CB Morrone del Sannio 2
Molise CB Oratino 2
Molise CB Petrella Tifernina 2
Molise CB Pietracatella 2
Molise CB Pietracupa 2
Molise CB Provvidenti 2
Molise CB Riccia 2
Molise CB Ripabottoni 2
Molise CB Ripalimosani 2
Molise CB Roccavivara 2
Molise CB Rotello 2
Molise CB Salcito 2
Molise CB San Biase 2
Molise CB San Giovanni in Galdo 2
Molise CB San Giuliano di Puglia 2
Molise CB San Martino in Pensilis 2
Molise CB Sant'Angelo Limosano 2
Molise CB Sant'Elia a Pianisi 2
Molise CB Santa Croce di Magliano 2
Molise CB Torella del Sannio 2
Molise CB Toro 2
Molise CB Trivento 2
Molise CB Tufara 2
Molise CB Ururi 2
Molise CB Acquaviva Collecroce 3
Molise CB Campomarino 3
Molise CB Guglionesi 3
Molise CB Mafalda 3
Molise CB Montecilfone 3
Molise CB Montefalcone nel Sannio 3
Molise CB Montemitro 3
Molise CB Montenero di Bisaccia 3
Molise CB Palata 3
Molise CB Petacciato 3
Molise CB Portocannone 3
Molise CB San Felice del Molise 3
Molise CB San Giacomo degli Schiavoni 3
Molise CB Tavenna 3
Molise CB Termoli 3

*CH = Chieti, CB = Campobasso

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