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Character stone country villa beautifully restored in Abruzzo.

Country stone villa beautifully restored for sale, surrounded by 2.300 sqm garden. Very private location, in Abruzzo, Italy.

Beautiful country property of 300 sqm restored to very high standards. 2,300 sqm land, very private location. 200.000 €. View Property.

Lovely restored country house with character, near the coast.

Beautifully restored stone country house for sale: three bedrooms, fantastic vaulted ceilings and outdoor space. 19km from the coast and 40km from the airport. Abruzzo, Italy.

Three bedrooms, fantastic vaulted ceilings and outdoor space. 19km from the coast and 40km from the airport. Abruzzo. 189.000 €. View Property.

Charming apartment with terrace for sale in Molise, Italy.

Elegant apartment of 120 sqm with terrace for sale, situated in an historic building, in Molise region of Italy.

Beautiful elegant apartment of 120 sqm with terrace, situated in an aristocratic building dated back to the beginning of the 1800s. 65.000 €. View Property.

Abruzzo Region

Abruzzo is situated at the centre of the Italian peninsula. The bordering regions are Lazio on the west, Molise on the south, Marche on the north, while on the east it is bordered by the Adriatic sea. Despite its 50 km of coastline, Abruzzo is one of the most mountainous regions in Italy, in fact the Corno Grande in the Gran Sasso massif, at 2,914 metres, is the highest summit in the Apennines. The Gran Sasso massif is also famous for its Europe's southernmost glacier, Il Calderone. Abruzzo is well known for being one of the greenest regions in Europe There are three protected parks in Abruzzo: Parco Nazionale della Majella, Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Lazio e Molise and Parco Regionale del Sirente Velino, for a total surface of 500 square kilometres of natural reserves with protected species of fauna and flora. For walking lovers there are beautiful routes throughout these protected areas, between charming hilltop villages through forests and gorges, along rivers and high mountain ridges.

Abruzzo’s mountains offer the opportunity to practice various outdoor sports like trekking, walking, rafting, horse riding and skiing. The region has 21 ski areas with 368 kilometres of runs. The most developed resort is Roccaraso, followed by Campo Felice, and Campo Imperatore. Abruzzo also is popular for cross country skiing, especially in Campo Imperatore, in Piana Grande in the Majella, but also in Castiglione Messer Marino at the borders with the Molise region.

The 150 kilometres of Abruzzo coastline varies from sandy, rocky and pebbly beaches. The coastline from Vasto to Ortona is called Costa dei Trabocchi and is famous for these traditional fishermen water huts, called Trabocchi. Between the mountains and the coastline Abruzzo is characterised by breathtaking hillsides scattered with tiny villages. These hillsides villages represent a link between the coast and the mountains. Abruzzo also has a wealth of castles, hamlets and medieval towns.

All these natural richness, the traditional cuisine and the wines of Abruzzo make the region a little jam, not yet fully discovered.

Abruzzo Climate
The climate differs from the coast and the mountain: On the mountains it is dry and cold, with snow in winter. On the coast is warm and dry, with hot temperatures that can reach the 40 degrees in July and August. Spring and Autumn are dry, with mild and comfortable temperatures both on the coast and on the mountain areas.