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360-degree property tours with video chat amid coronavirus outbreak

360-degree house tours with video chat amid coronavirus outbreak. Visit properties without moving from your home. Read more.

Nice lake view villa with 3200 sqm of land for sale in Molise.

Beautiful villa at 33 km from the coast, with exclusive lake and countryside view.

Country villa with olive grove and vineyard, at 33 km from the coast, with magnificent lake view terrace, in Guardialfiera. 130.000 €. View Property.

Cheap stone house in good condition, in Lucito, Molise.

Cheap stone house in good condition for sale, in Molise, Italy.

3 bedroom stone house with terrace, cellar, heating system. The house is habitable, it only needs internal revamping. 22.000 €. View Property.

Villa with 3 separate habitable units, perfect for rental purposes.

Villa with 3 separate habitable units, lovely outdoor space and sea view, for sale in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Beautiful villa, recently renovated and decorated, with sea view, and lovely outdoor space, 17 km from the beach. 169.000 €. View Property.

Life in Abruzzo. Events and Traditions.

This blog promotes life style in Abruzzo and Molise regions. Events, festivals, traditions and many others interesting, funny and useful tips about Abruzzo and Molise.

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Chapter II

 It was October of 2013 when I returned to Rome and Lake Bracciano, this time alone. This time I was on a mission: It was to collect as much information for the area as I could, to find the real estate agents who sold property and to take it home with me, so that I could take a look on line.

My holiday was a good one, I was traveling alone and was able to find time to enjoy the warm Autumn sunshine. The lake visit was sandwiched between two visits to Rome. The Eternal city did not fail to energise my mood and I was able to visit a lot of the sights that I had not seen first time.

I was pleased with myself, as by the time I went home I had found the option available to me that would hopefully enable me to find the property in Italy that I wanted. It was a property portal called ''. I did several things to help me plan so that I could be ready when the right property presented itself. During the year I did a lot of looking and searching through the property portal gate-away that I had found. There was property advertised right across Italy, anything from mansion houses and palaces to tiny caves that had little to no facilities. I was quite taken by a number of little places dotted around the countryside near to Rome, but after speaking to a friend and thinking it through, it wasn’t going to be very helpful to myself to buy a property that had no electricity or water.

It was these thoughts that helped me to consider just what I did want and what practical things I had to consider.

Here is the tick list of my personal wants that I prepared during my year of searching for my house, it needed:


 Beware of false reviews on facebook pages. To buy likes on facebook or other social media is common place, however recently we have heard of a deceptive activity on Facebook (and possibly other social networks) that we would like to bring to your attention: the USE OF FAKE REVIEWS.

Fake reviews are reviews that aren’t a person’s honest and impartial opinion, or that don’t reflect their genuine experience of a product.

There are a number of groups on Facebook that have been created with the aim to provide false top rated company reviews, these are posted on Facebook in exchange for payments.

Facebook have become aware of this and are now attempting to prevent this fraudulent practice, as it is misleading to prospective customers who may be interested in the product or service.

The large UK based consumer’s association WHICH? has carried out research and they have reported the following findings in this link.

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Chapter I

 It was a short romance with a man from England that started my love affair with Italy.

We had looked at a holiday together and Italy was on both of our wish lists. The Amalfi coast was on the list, but Rome won, somehow it had more appeal and all of the things I love to do on a holiday in one place.

It was absolutely the right choice. It was early June 2013, my father was seriously ill in hospital and I was a little fraught to be leaving him so poorly, he encouraged me to go and with his blessing I reluctantly left for our week away.

It was seven days of immersion into a city that had a charm and love about it that was so unique. Seven days was really not enough. It was a city that combined history, fine buildings and passages of time that collided with the modern world of fast paced commerce and visitors, all successfully moulded together to create the current capital. It was quite a trip, enjoying all of my most favourite things, the art, the history the food. With my father so ill at home, a trip to the Vatican was a must, I was so pleased we did. A guide was booked and she showed us around the Vatican city with competence and knowledge. She firstly stood at the Basilica and noted the disciples who occupy the skyline, she mentioned St. Peter and his keys to heaven which I have to say made an impression, since I knew I would be needing the keys for my Dad very soon.

Even in June the weather was feeling hot, it had been a shock even for the Romans as the heat had come after a wet and cold May, we made the decision early on in the holiday to take a train trip out to the countryside, an article in our hotel magazine mentioned the Lake Bracciano being nearby and a good place to visit. It did not disappoint and with a a swimming costume and towel we made our way by train to the village.


 The Italian Stability Law for 2019 finally approved on 30 December 2018 has introduced a new article (art. 24-ter) in the Income Tax Act (ITA). It includes a substitute tax of 7%, in lieu of ordinary taxation, on all non-Italian-sourced income earned by foreign pensioners transferring their tax residence in the southern regions of Italy. The special regime is optional and available for the fiscal year in which the transfer of residence occurs and for the following 5 years. Despite its novelty, the potential field of application of the regime already appears quite narrow. Contrary to the special regime for High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) inserted in art. 24-bis ITA in 2017, the new regime for incoming pensioners is in fact subject to several requirements. These requirements are summarized below in bullet points and a short clarification is provided for each of them.

Requirements for 7% income tax

  1. Subjective requirements
  2. Objective requirements
  3. Territoriality requirements
  4. Tax benefits
  5. Validity period

Subjective requirements

The new regime is limited to pensioners. The identification of the applicant as a “pensioner” is made through a reference to the person in question receiving “pension income” as defined by art. 49(2)(a) ITA, which for income tax purposes includes pensions in the same category of income from dependent employment. Foreign pensions are therefore defined not based on a renvoi to the domestic tax rules of the relevant foreign state — and indeed, which state? The country in which the entity paying the pension is located or the country of the taxpayer’s last tax residence?, but by way of a “mirror reading” of the Italian relevant tax rules.

Interestingly, the definition of art. 49(2)(a) ITA includes not only “pensions of all kinds” but also other similar payments (even non-periodic or lump-sum). As explained by the Italian Ministry of Finance in the Circular Letter No. 1 of 1973, pension remuneration in particular includes sums paid in respect of past employment other than dependent employment (e.g. self-employment), disability pensions, and survivor’s pensions. Instead, the regime does not seem to be equally available to individuals receiving social security or war pensions, since under Italian income tax such kinds of pensions are exempt.

It should also be considered that no distinction is made under Italian income tax between pensions from private and public employment, as instead provided by arts. 18 and 19(2) of the OECD Model. Given the broader possibility to tax pensions from public employment granted to the source state under art. 19(2) of the OECD Model, which Italy consistently follows in its tax treaties, it can however be assumed that the new special regime would appeal especially to those receiving a pension from private employment, since this latter is taxed only in the recipient’s residence state.

The regime entails a look-back period. The option for the special regime is in fact restricted to pensioners who have not been Italian tax resident for at least 5 years before exercising the option in the first income tax return. Tax residence is determined based on the three alternative criteria laid down in art. 2(2) ITA, i.e. (i) registration in the municipality register of resident individuals, (ii) domicile in Italy under art. 43(1) of the Civil Code, or (iii) residence in Italy under art. 43(2) of the Civil Code.

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