One-to-One Property Virtual Tours in Abruzzo and Molise.

360-degree property tours with video chat amid coronavirus outbreak

360-degree house tours with video chat amid coronavirus outbreak. Visit properties without moving from your home. Read more.

Large, lovely apartment in a historic palazzo, Monteodorisio.

Large character property for sale near Vasto, part of a beautiful Palazzo dated back to the 1880. Monteodorisio.

Beautiful 215sqm apartment part of an historic palazzo dated back to the 1880's, at just 10 minutes of Vasto. 220.000 €. View Property.

Beautiful stone villa with garden and olive grove in San Buono.

Country villa completely made of stone for sale, with garden and olive grove, in Abruzzo, Italy.

Four bedroom villa completely made of stone with garden and olive grove, surrounded by green countryside and nature. 225.000 €. View Property.

Large country property with one hectare of land, Abruzzo.

Large four bedroom traditional country house with cellars, garage and one hectare of land, for sale in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Large four bedroom country stone house with garage, cellars, barn and 1 hectare of land. Surrounded by nature. 119.000 €. View Property.

360-degree home tours with video chat

Virtual Tours are here to make your life easy! Abruzzo Rural Property offers One to One Property Virtual Tours. We are happy to inform our clients and friends that we will be back at work as usual on May the 4th. Italy is gradually lifting its lockdown as the situation related to Covid starts to improve.

Nevertheless, everyone entering the country from abroad will have to self-isolate for 14 days.

For this reason, we have been thinking of a way to allow you to visit properties without moving from your home. We are embracing video tours amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

From May the 4th you can book a One to One Virtual tour with us.

How does it work?

It is very simple. We will schedule a WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger meeting with you to show you the property you wish to visit. During the video call we will walk around the house with you room by room and you will be welcome to ask questions, or to focus on details or corners of the house. You will be free to ask for a window to be opened, to visit the attic, or to zoom a detail to see if there is a crack or a trace of damp... You are able to do anything you would have done if you were walking the house on your own. We will also walk outside the house to show you the surroundings. After the viewing you will have the chance to ask questions to the agent and the seller who will be available for a Q&A session.

How to book a One to One Property Virtual Tour?

  1. Choose the property you wish to visit.
  2. Contact Abruzzo Rural Property to arrange the virtual tour (mail or phone).
  3. Make sure you have a good mobile phone connection and WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger installed.
  4. Write down all the questions you wish to ask regarding the property.
  5. When the viewing time arrives, sit down on your sofa with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the tour.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a One to One Virtual Tour is 50,00 euro each property. This amount will be refunded if you buy the house within a year from the viewing.