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Villa with swimming pool and terrace with mountain view.

Beautiful renovated rural villa for sale, with garden and terrace with mountain view. Located in Casoli, Abruzzo region of Italy.

Beautiful villa composed by two separate units, swimming pool, panoramic terrace, garden, olive grove and parking area. 235.000 €. View Property.

Charming renovated stone house with beautiful garden. Abruzzo.

Country stone house beautifully restored for sale, surrounded by 2.000 sqm garden with amazing Majella Mountain view, in Abruzzo, Italy.

Character property composed by two separate units surrounded by 2000 sqm garden and majestic Majella Mountain view. 285.000 €. View Property.

Renovated traditional Italian town house near the Adriatic Sea.

Charming renovated town house with stunning brick barrel ceilings, patio and sea view terrace, for sale in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Character Italian house of 330 sqm with fantastic brick vaulted ceilings and amazing details, sea view terrace and patio. 320.000 €. View Property.

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The Pros and Cons of Living in Abruzzo from a British Point of View

Posted by on in Holidays in Abruzzo and tips

 We asked a couple of friends from the UK, who have lived in Abruzzo for the past 6 years, what in their opinion are the pros and cons of living in Abruzzo. They are youngish, cultured, with a young kid and have chosen to live in the countryside, to embrace a slower pace of life, surrounded by nature.

Let’s see the pro’s and con’s of living in Abruzzo as a British citizen from Lisa’s point of view:

<< Two decades then past working in the city, long hours for little pay, fun, social times but finally the decision was made to look for a property in Italy. I had started an Italian language night class for beginners and was introduced to the region Abruzzo from a small article I noticed in a national newspaper mentioning the Marsican brown bears. Was it possible that there were bears still surviving in Italy? This led to further research into the region, I was hooked, national parks, mountain ranges, the greenest region of Europe, incredible rare flora and fauna, azure coastlines and untouched medieval villages.

This had to be the place, finances dictated too, we had very limited funds, and this region seemed affordable.

The adventure started, we spent 5 months in our old VW camper weaving through the mountain tracks trying to get a feel for the region and to which part we felt more attracted to.

Our house was incomparable; I had seen it 6 months earlier on the internet and knew from the first visit that it was the house for us. It was a stone house clad in cement, grey, damp, with land, abandoned for 20 years. Absolutely no services, leaking, crumbling and unloved but alluring, I loved it.

First of all the people here are always amazingly warm and welcoming.

We then spent the next 6 years backwards and forwards to the UK due to commitments, family issues and ties, our original ideas foiled but we decided as complete novices to restore the house ourselves, to be the architects, designers, builders, gardeners, whatever was thrown our way. We both have creative backgrounds and so this helped with the design and aesthetics of the build but we essentially embarked on huge learning curves, from laying pipes, septic tanks, removing rendering, re-pointing, plastering to building roofs, walls, rooms, completely digging out and rebuilding heaved floors, landscaping, planting and pruning. All keeping to a rustic, simple traditional look. Many, many temporary kitchens, camp toilets, solar showers and tents. Dust and rubble, wildlife and sleeping under the stars.

Our funds have always been very low but we have invested an incredible amount of time and effort. We became time rich and cash poor. A few years ago we also had our son here; this did not stop works and has enhanced our time here immensely.

The Pro’s of living in Abruzzo in my opinion are many:

First of all the people here are always amazingly warm and welcoming. Our neighbour's are always visiting with barrow loads of offerings from fruit and veg, to eggs and local meats. They are warm without being invasive. We live in an isolated area that we feel very safe and free in.

The cost of living here is very low. There have been low financial costs throughout our time here. Our lifestyle has completely changed due to our low finances but we do not feel that we have missed out on anything due to the quality of life here. Local, organic fruit and veg, wine, meats are much more affordable and delicious. Eating out is of a very high standard and very low cost. We are partial to a glass of wine or two and the quality of wines here are high without the price tag.

Another pro is obviously the beauty of Abruzzo. There are beautiful, inspiring landscapes from beaches to mountains to lake regions. All very untouched and un-touristy, there are also diverse local festa’s and traditions to experience and enjoy.

The attributes here are not obvious, showy and slightly rugged on the edges, you have to work at finding the jewels.

The Con’s that we have experienced here are that it seems harder to find employment and there are lower wages.

It is hard to navigate the beaurocratic systems. The healthcare is also complicated to use. The system itself is very different to the NHS in that It is part state run and part private and you are responsible for all of your own records and booking appointments rather than an integrated system that we are used to. Being one of the first foreigners in our small comune we had to research how to enter the system and then talk to staff in the administrative services to tell them what we had read! But of late and having learnt how the system works we had had small procedures done in a short space of time and efficiently which would have taken a lot longer on NHS waiting times.

It appears that this region has less governmental funding invested. The roads are particularly neglected, they seem to be passable for tractors and put put’s only! I now understand why everyone drives around in 20 year old fiat panda’s!

For us as artists the art scene is fairly minimal. We came here for a slower pace of life and we got it! a more relaxed approach is key.

For most, Abruzzo is a place to come to experience local cuisine and wines, to de-stress, get back to nature, and enjoy the summer heat or ski in the winter snows if that is your thing.

This region has masses of potential, it is less materialistic, nature led, not contrived with wilder landscapes. The attributes here are not obvious,  showy and slightly rugged on the edges, you have to work at finding the jewels, Abruzzo doesn’t shout out at you, you have to go looking for it and in that you see the beauty and benefits.

Property prices here in Abruzzo are very affordable, it is one of the most inexpensive regions in Europe and land is very affordable too. Therefore it is the perfect place to buy for those searching for an alternative style of life immersed in nature or simply for those who have a budget that does not permit to buy in Tuscany or in other expensive regions.

But, the downside is that Abruzzo is not a region to make a profit. I highly doubt at this time that we could sell our house for the costs that we have invested including the work and time that was involved.

Or maybe yes, with a bit of good luck! >>

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