Property purchase: The three steps to buy property in Italy.

Understanding the process of buying property in Italy through an italian real estate agency.

Understanding the process of buying property in Italy through an italian real estate agency. Read more.

Characteristic restored stone house. Agnone. Molise.

Characterful stone house fully restored with garden. Agnone. Molise.

Characteristic townhouse completely made of stone, fully restored, with garden. 49.000 €. View Property.

Villa for sale in Crecchio, 10 km far from the beach. Abruzzo.

Villa with two apartments, large garden with vineyard in Crecchio, Abruzzo.

Villa of 240 sqm, large garden with vineyard and well. Possibility to install a swimming pool. 145.000 €. View Property.

Villa at 13 km from the beach with 140 olive trees. Cupello.

Beautiful villa with breath-taking view of the Adriatic sea, Majella mountain and rolling hills. Molise, Italy.

Large country house surrounded by 10.645 sq. m. of land with olive grove. 109.000 €. View Property.

Life in Abruzzo. Events and Traditions.

This blog promotes life style in Abruzzo and Molise regions. Events, festivals, traditions and many others interesting, funny and useful tips about Abruzzo and Molise.

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From Iceland to Abruzzo: Why I bought a house in Colledimezzo?

 Our real estate agent Monia asked us if she could blog about us and the house on the hill in the little fairy village of Colledimezzo.

Of course it is our pleasure to share with everyone our experience of how it is to have one foot in Italy and one in Iceland. In our opinion Abruzzo is "a slice of heaven", we just love it!

We love the wonderful villages and the breathtaking views, the friendly people and their healthy attitude to life. The fresh and tasty food, its absurdly good. The lovely clean beaches that are not to crowded plus of course that which is most important for us Icelanders the good weather.

The first word you learn in Italy is "con calma" or slow down, in the beginning that was very difficult for two over stressed Icelanders!

We probably looked like mental patients to the villagers when we run up and down all the infinitely many steps from the house up to the bar many times a day even during the hottest hours of the day when no one was outside, to check out our e-mail and facebook status (the only internet connection is at the bar). In between painting doors, windows, walls and of course all the endless cleaning.

It's a good thing that I can speak Italian so that our dear neighbors, could tell us often enough to calm down, for us to actually learn to relax more and enjoy the moment.

When we first started looking for a summer house in Italy, I was very negative to search for a house in Abruzzo, the only thing I wanted to view was Toscana and preferably Florence. I accepted to go to Central Italy and see the villages just to please my husband.

I am very glad that I did !!

The first time we came to Colledimezzo it was raging rain through the whole time. Monia showed us the house that was going to be our summer house.

I strongly disliked it, I told my husband I will never go back to this house! I just don’t like it... luckily he did not listened to me, and took lots of photographs for me to view when we got home. Needless to say I fell completely in love with the house and the village.

Here below some photos of the house before, during and after the restoration works:




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Story of a successful property purchase in Abruzzo.

  We always went to Italy for our holidays and loved the country. For several years I used to look at various property sites on the internet to get a feel of what you got for your money in the different regions.
In 2011 we spent 6 weeks travelling around Italy (also France, Spain and Malta) to make sure we definitely wanted to buy in Italy and then to settle on a region.

We decided upon southern Abruzzo and spent the next 6 months searching for the right property. We were looking for something to renovate as we had done this is the UK and it would be a project for us.

We nearly bought a charming house in the mountains but as on one trip it was under offer we found a complete ruin only one mile from the sea and a wonderful promenade. Then the one in the mountain came back on the market so we had a dilemma. We sat at the airport pondering the pros and cons of both but the one near the beach won and we have never regretted it....

Only 35 minutes from the airport and 2 miles from the motorway exit and you can even walk to the station. Also the weather seemed more settled there. Shops not far and the nearest large town only 10 minutes drive. We hit it lucky too with the estate agent's assistant who dealt with our sale. She was very proactive and kept us informed of progress all the way along.

We employed an italian solicitor in London and he dealt with all the legal side and selected the notary in Italy and the sale went through relatively smoothly. I would do this again as he acted solely for us whereas the notary acts for the state. The agent helped us with the codice fiscale and opening an Italian bank account. I researched and found a foreign currency broker, which has been great and hassle free in purchasing euros and transferring money over to wherever in Italy at a moments notice.

We made the offer in November, completed in person the following March and started the renovation in June. We used a local geometra to check out a few things for us and I think the one we found was exceptional, we asked about his past projects and he put us in touch with a previous client. He thoroughly recommended him and he turned out to be fantastic and transformed our ruin to one to move into in only six months.

Most of our communications was done by email with a couple of visits in between. He would send us regular updates with photos and we made stage payments via our foreign currency broker in the UK so we could transfer funds the same day.
My language skills are that of an intermediate but it has improved as the whole renovation was communicated in Italian. | think the secret of a successful renovation has been finding a trustworthy and competent geometra (who has since become a firm friend). He stuck to his estimate, any extras being changes we instigated.

The locals are so friendly and we have made several friends there already, mainly Italian but also expats like us. We have sourced things in local shops and that helps us integrate into the local village. We used someone found on an Abruzzo expat site to transport some furniture out.

We probably will spend about a third of our time there (we have our children and good friends in the UK, and wouldn't want to leave them permanently), sometimes going by car and the rest by plane, cheapflights are always available.

We love the beauty and variety of the region, rolling hills, mountains, agricultural landscapes, mountains, sea, climate of course.
We can ski in a resort which is only one hour away.
We retired just before the house was finished. We now have years to explore the many villages and towns nearby and venture to Naples, Rome and the south just a few hours away.

Starting from scratch with a ruin has been a challenge but so rewarding seeing the end result.

We now also have a new interest as we have a small vineyard and we are slowly learning about vitriculture with the help of the previous owner/farmer. My husband has just completed a course on vineyard maintenance at our local (UK) agricultural college. We have also started to have friends and family stay with us when we are there and doubtless to say the children will use the place more when they get their own families.

Stone house in Abruzzo
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