The importance of buying in Italy through a licensed real estate.

The importance of buying property in Italy through a fully licensed real estate.

In Italy only fully licensed real estate agents can work in the real estate business.
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Habitable country house with land and olive grove, Molise.

Country house of 190 sqm, surrounded by 2.000 sqm of land with olive grove. Poggio Sannita, Molise, Italy.

Country house of 190 sqm, surrounded by 2.000 sqm of land. Poggio Sannita. 70.000 €. View Property.

Restored 200 year old stone 132 sqm villa close to Palmoli, Italy.

Restored 200 year old stone 132 sqm villa surrounded by one hectare of land close to Palmoli, Abruzzo.

Beautiful restored old stone villa with one hectare of land, four bedrooms and four bathrooms. 185.000 €. View Property.

Beautiful villa with sea view. Montenero di Bisaccia. Molise.

Beautiful villa with breath-taking view of the Adriatic sea, Majella mountain and rolling hills. Molise, Italy.

Beautiful villa. 370 sqm of habitable space surrounded by 1.500 sqm garden. 350.000 €. View Property.

Life in Abruzzo. Events and Traditions.

This blog promotes life style in Abruzzo and Molise regions. Events, festivals, traditions and many others interesting, funny and useful tips about Abruzzo and Molise.

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Do you know that in Abruzzo you can find a beautiful, traditional jewellery called Presentosa?

 Presentosa is a traditional jewellery from Abruzzo a gold pendant with a very refined filigree technique. This jewellery is handmade by skilled goldsmiths.  Presentosa comes in yellow and white gold, with or without gems.

Presentosa, a traditional Abruzzo love tokenA jewellery in gold leaf and filigree work

The filigree of the jewellery represents symbols in different shapes and each shape has a different meaning: one heart in the middle means that the girl is single.

Two hearts, the girl who wears it is engaged. Two hearts joined by a crescent reversed moon shape means the girl is married.

‘Presentosa’ is an Abruzzo dialect word for ‘present’The tradition of making and giving the jewel goes back at least 200 years

Nowadays Presentosa is a gift for many different occasions and the symbols used varied: a dove is used for the baptism, communion and confirmation; a mirror is the symbol against bad luck and slanders.

Originally the Presentosa was related to the rituals of engagement, in fact it used to be offered to young women as a promise of love.

The jewellery is a perfect gift representative of the region Abruzzo and its traditions.

Originally the Presentosa was related to the rituals of engagementTraditional jewellery from Abruzzo
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Colledimezzo in Autumn

Colledimezzo is a pictoresque village overlooking the lake of Bomba in Chieti Province.

The village is easily reachable by the high way SS652 that connects Colledimezzo with the Adriatic coast. It takes only 30 minutes to reach the beach of Fossacesia, located on the charming Costa dei Trabocchi, while the well-known skiing resort of Roccaraso are at just 50 minutes’ drive.

Colledimezzo enjoys a wonderful view of the lake of Bomba, the verdant surrounding hills and the Majella Mountain, considered a symbol of Abruzzo.

The lake of Bomba stands at just 2 km from the village, on the lakeshores there is a tourist resort called Centro Turistico Il Soffio that avails of swimming pool, camping site, sport facilities and boats’rentals.

Colledimezzo literally means “Hill in between”, in fact the village is located on a hill top between two higher mounts. The origin of the village dates back to the tenth-century.

The village is characterised by a labyrinth of picturesque tiny lanes no accessible by cars. There are three churches in the village. The most important is Chiesa di San Giovanni Apostolo Evangelista with its beautiful bell tower and the ancient oil painting on canvas Madonna col bambino, S. Francesco d´Assisi e il committente, painted by Tanzio da Varallo during the XVII century.

The best time of the year to visit Colledimezzo is during springtime. Summers tend to be hot and dry, while winters are mild with occasional snowfall.


Below a selection of pictures of Colledimezzo.

Colledimezzo in summer

Colledimezzo in winter
Colledimezzo piazza
The lake of Bomba
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Taxes to purchase a house in Italy

 In January 2014 the Italian government has issued a new taxation scheme related to the purchase of real estates in Italy.

Firstly, let us see the taxes involved in this new scheme: Registration Tax (Imposta di Registro), Cadastral Tax (Imposta Catastale) and Mortgage Tax (Imposta Ipotecaria).

Now, let us see what the changes are:

- If the house is purchased from a private seller

The Cadastral Tax and the Mortgage Tax have been reduced from 168,00 euro in 2013 to 50,00 euro in 2014.

The Registration Tax for “first house” buyers* has been reduced from the 3% of the cadastral value in 2013 to the 2% of the cadastral value in 2014. Therefore, the new 2014 taxation scheme results advantageous for “first house” buyers.

In the other hand, “second house” buyers*, will have to face an increment of the 2% of the Registration Tax, that has increased from the 7% to the 9%.

If the house is purchased from a private seller, IVA is not due.

- If the house is purchased from a constructor or from a company

If the house is purchase from a developer, a constructor or a private company the Registration Tax, the Cadastral Tax and the Mortgage Tax will cost 200,00 euro each for either “first house” buyers or “second house” buyers. The difference is the amount of IVA that will have to be paid: “first house” buyers are required to pay the 4% of the purchase price of IVA. “Second house” buyers will pay the 10% of the purchase price of IVA.

The box below reports the main changes related to the new 2014 taxation to purchase a house in Italy.






Purchase from a private seller


Registration Tax

2% of cadastral value

9% of cadastral value

Cadastral Tax



Mortgage Tax




Purchase from a developer or constructor


4% of purchase price

10% of purchase price

Registration Tax



Cadastral Tax



Mortgage tax



*Fisrt house buyer is who will move its residency in the house that is being purchased.
*Second house buyer is who will not move its residency in the house that is being purchased.

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Solar panel


The 31st December 2013 is the deadline for the Ecobonus 2013. What type of energy requalification the Ecobonus Decree finances? What type of fiscal benefits the government grants with this Decree?

1)      Photovoltaic systems installed on the roof of  private properties. The Ecobonus Decree grants  the 50% of tax credit for the installation of  photovoltaic system on the roof of private properties.

2)      Solar panels designed for hot water production. The Ecobonus Decree grants  the 65% of tax credit for the installation of solar panels for hot water production.

3)      Replacement of the old winter air conditioning systems with condensing boilers. The Ecobonus Decree grants  the 65% of tax credit to replace the old winter air conditioning systems with condensing boilers.

4)      Replacement of old windows and shutters with new insulating ones. The Ecobonus Decree grants  the 65% of tax credit.

5)      Roof insulation and caulking. The Ecobonus Decree grants  the 65% of tax credit to undertake insulation or caulking works.

To be entitled to the benefit of the 50% - 65% tax credit, all the payments related to the above mentioned restoration/renovation works have to be done by bank transfer within the 31s December 2013. The Ecobonus Decree grants up to 96.000,00 euro for the 50% tax credit scheme while the 65% tax credit scheme varies in relation to the type of restoration carried out.

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