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Charming renovated stone house with beautiful garden. Abruzzo.

Country stone house beautifully restored for sale, surrounded by 2.000 sqm garden with amazing Majella Mountain view, in Abruzzo, Italy.

Character villa surrounded by 2000 sqm garden and majestic Majella Mountain view for sale. 300.000 €. View Property.

Finely restored town house with large terrace and small patio.

Restored town house for sale with terrace and small patio, in the picturesque village of Salcito, in Molise, Italy.

Lovely town house of approx. 100 sqm on three levels, in the picturesque village of Salcito. 49.000 €. View Property.

Restored house with panoramic lake view terrace for sale.

Town house with lake view terrace for sale, with stunning panoramic view of mountains and the Bomba lake in Colledimezzo, Italy.

Four bedroom renovated town house with panoramic terrace enjoying stunning lake view. 90.000 €. View Property.

Life in Abruzzo. Events and Traditions.

This blog promotes life style in Abruzzo and Molise regions. Events, festivals, traditions and many others interesting, funny and useful tips about Abruzzo and Molise.

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Добавлено : Дата: в разделе: Taxes in Italy

 The Italian Stability Law for 2019 finally approved on 30 December 2018 has introduced a new article (art. 24-ter) in the Income Tax Act (ITA). It includes a substitute tax of 7%, in lieu of ordinary taxation, on all non-Italian-sourced income earned by foreign pensioners transferring their tax residence in the southern regions of Italy. The special regime is optional and available for the fiscal year in which the transfer of residence occurs and for the following 5 years. Despite its novelty, the potential field of application of the regime already appears quite narrow. Contrary to the special regime for High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWIs) inserted in art. 24-bis ITA in 2017, the new regime for incoming pensioners is in fact subject to several requirements. These requirements are summarized below in bullet points and a short clarification is provided for each of them.

Requirements for 7% income tax

  1. Subjective requirements
  2. Objective requirements
  3. Territoriality requirements
  4. Tax benefits
  5. Validity period

Subjective requirements

The new regime is limited to pensioners. The identification of the applicant as a “pensioner” is made through a reference to the person in question receiving “pension income” as defined by art. 49(2)(a) ITA, which for income tax purposes includes pensions in the same category of income from dependent employment. Foreign pensions are therefore defined not based on a renvoi to the domestic tax rules of the relevant foreign state — and indeed, which state? The country in which the entity paying the pension is located or the country of the taxpayer’s last tax residence?, but by way of a “mirror reading” of the Italian relevant tax rules.

Interestingly, the definition of art. 49(2)(a) ITA includes not only “pensions of all kinds” but also other similar payments (even non-periodic or lump-sum). As explained by the Italian Ministry of Finance in the Circular Letter No. 1 of 1973, pension remuneration in particular includes sums paid in respect of past employment other than dependent employment (e.g. self-employment), disability pensions, and survivor’s pensions. Instead, the regime does not seem to be equally available to individuals receiving social security or war pensions, since under Italian income tax such kinds of pensions are exempt.

It should also be considered that no distinction is made under Italian income tax between pensions from private and public employment, as instead provided by arts. 18 and 19(2) of the OECD Model. Given the broader possibility to tax pensions from public employment granted to the source state under art. 19(2) of the OECD Model, which Italy consistently follows in its tax treaties, it can however be assumed that the new special regime would appeal especially to those receiving a pension from private employment, since this latter is taxed only in the recipient’s residence state.

The regime entails a look-back period. The option for the special regime is in fact restricted to pensioners who have not been Italian tax resident for at least 5 years before exercising the option in the first income tax return. Tax residence is determined based on the three alternative criteria laid down in art. 2(2) ITA, i.e. (i) registration in the municipality register of resident individuals, (ii) domicile in Italy under art. 43(1) of the Civil Code, or (iii) residence in Italy under art. 43(2) of the Civil Code.

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Добавлено : Дата: в разделе: News & events

 With a summer ahead of us, here at Abruzzo Rural Property, we are never short of activities to keep us busy. We love the diversity of our day and can never be quite sure who we can meet through our business.

Over the coming summer months we look forward to welcoming new visitors into Abruzzo, many who will become friends over time, also those who will be taking their final steps to purchasing their property’s. We are expecting a busy time with American and English people who have not been deterred despite the Brexit looming into the very near future.

Of course everybody who comes along to visit property in Abruzzo has their own reason for doing this; fulfilling a lifetime dream, retiring in a different country, setting up their own business, having a special family holiday home, to name just a few. We have visitors from all over the world nowadays, so when Mary and Clive from Australia contacted us last year, like any other couple we helped them to buy a property. Like many others, they came to find a little place that they can come with their two young boys, a place they can return and improve a little each time. Sure enough in February 2019 they bought a home in hilltop town situated in Chieti province, Abruzzo. We never expected to receive an invitation from a well-known TV show who want to film their story!

This is a reality TV show which takes real people who are house hunting for real houses, (in this case the couple from Australia ), across the globe to a given location (in this episode Abruzzo). During filming the house hunters are filmed while they take a look at a number of properties, then a property is usually selected by the end of the show.

The TV crew will be staying in San Salvo, the event will include the family and their new home. They are yet to decide the other venues of the TV filming, but we are expecting to assist them with two other locations in Abruzzo. The TV episode will be broadcast on over 100 countries. Of course Australia is a long way away and theirs is a special story, so let’s hope that the filming can be of interest to help others unlock their fears and take on a project such as theirs.

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Добавлено : Дата: в разделе: Restoration works in Italy

Do you need building permission to restore a house in italy?
The answer is no, you just need a SCIA.

What is a SCIA?

The SCIA (Certified Start of Activity Report) is a documented communication arranged through your local municipal office declaring that it is possible to carry out demolition, restoration or expansion works on buildings. This order, contained in articles 22 and 23 of the Testo unico delle disposizioni legislative e regolamentari in materia edilizia, has recently added two important adjustments that have significantly changed its features: the cd. decreto Scia 1 (d.lgs. n. 126/2016) and the cd. decreto Scia 2 (d.lgs. n. 222/2016).

  1. Actions for which the SCIA request should be made
  2. Other interventions achievable with a SCIA
  3. Protected property
  4. Presentation of the report
  5. Absence of the contracted conditions
  6. Final inspection
  7. Criminal penalties
  8. Other operations that can be carried out by means of SCIA
  9. Reporting details of building works subject to a building permit

Actions for which the SCIA request should be made:

In detail, the works that require a SCIA are the following:

  • Extraordinary maintenance works concerning the structural parts of the building(1).

  • Restoration and conservation works concerning the structural parts of the building.

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Добавлено : Дата: в разделе: Recipes from Abruzzo and Molise

A simple, traditional spring recipe from Abruzzo, Chieti province.

* This recipe is suitable for vegetarians.

 The areas of Cupello, Palmoli and San Salvo along with many other towns in the Chieti province within the Abruzzo region are well known for their tasty artichokes. Locally grown they are harvested from February and are available until the month of May. The most famous place to eat artichokes in Abruzzo is certainly Cupello, in the Chieti province. Cupello has a unique variety of artichokes called Mazzaferrata.

This specific type of artichoke is much tastier than the typically bitter flavour of the other artichoke varieties, the Mazzaferrata are sweet and pulpy. They can be cooked in many different ways, also with pasta or risotto, but the best way to enjoy the Mazzaferrata artichoke is to make it ripieno.

Here below is the traditional recipe for stuffed artichokes – carciofo ripieno.


  • 10 artichokes, mazzaferrata quality is the best for this recipe

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